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STPM are divided into two streams namely Arts and Sciences meanwhile STAM is specifically for Islamic Studies stream. Those that passed preliminary level will be offered for placement to Bachelor in Teaching degree programmes (Sarjana Muda Perguruan) at IPGM which are recognised by MQA and Public Service Dept (JPA). IPG Kampus Tun Abdul Razak, Kota Samarahan, Sarawak3. Link: INSTITUTION OF HIGHER LEARNING / UNIVERSITIES (IPTA)Growth of IPTATo realised the nation's objective as the centre of excellence for higher education and the spreading of knowledge in the region by the year 2020, various efforts has been initiated.STPM system nowadays are using semester based study and CGPA based markings similar to Matriculation / Foundation / Pre-U programmes due to national streamlining of Malaysia education system. Teacher's trainees will undergo placement to all public schools all over Malaysia after completing their studies. With the establishment of Malaya University, the era for expansion of knowledge in Malaysia has begun.This thread will listed comprehensively the IPTAs (Public Uni) / IPTS (Private Uni) which of Polytechnic / Teachers' Training Institute / University / University College status and also Skills / Technical Institutes available in Malaysia. In contrast, JTR functioned not only to produce trained skilled work force, but also to carry out job placements based on gathered data.

Yours truly, Protoculture ACADEMIC PATHWAY AFTER SPMWhat is your pathway after SPM? INSTITUT LATIHAN PERINDUSTRIAN (ILP)ILP is an institute under JTM counducting skills based and technical programmes offered by Malaysian Skills Certificate from level 1-3.

Hereby are a number of choices to SPM graduates, however it depends on your SPM results. There are 22 ILPs all over Malaysia offering various skill based courses.

Those who successfully enroll to public universities after SPM / STPM are with excellent results. Starting from the 2000/2001 session, all matriculation programmes except those by the International Islamic University and Centre for Foundation Studies in Science of the University of Malaya were managed fully by the Matriculation Division. JMTI is officially established in 1998 as a result of technical cooperation with Japan and administered under Manpower Department (JTM).

Graduates of SPM / STPM / STAM / Diploma level applied directly through UPU online admission to public universities (IPTA) while admission to private universities (IPTS) being done directly with the IPTS concerned. Concept The Ministry of Education Matriculation Programme is a preparatory programme for bumiputera students with Malaysian Certificate of Education to qualify them for degree courses in science, technology and the professional arts in public and private universities. The programme curriculum focuses on the academic aspect without neglecting the co-curricular aspect. JMTi offers technical programmes ranging from Malaysia Skills Certificate up to Diploma and Advance Diploma level.

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KPM Matriculation / Foundation Studies results are only applicable to enrol to bachelor degree programmes in both public and private universities. Since 2001, the Division Director was placed under the authority of the Deputy Chief Secretary (Operations).

Private Universities offered Pre-U Foundation programme as a pathway to bachelor degree programme. IPG Kampus Dato' Razali Ismail, Kuala Terengganu, Terengganu 14. The reshuffling of BPKB was required due to the increase of planning and regulation of skill training programs through new approaches such as:• All institutes were united under the ILKBS banner.• ILKBS was further branched to IKBN, IKTBN and AKBG.• Full time training courses at IKTBN/IKBN Model Development Courses for youths (leadership, entrepreneurship, discipline)• Short term Skills Courses which are customised for youths• Skills Courses at private institutions (sponsored programs)INSTITUT KEMAHIRAN BELIA NEGARA (IKBN)IKBN is one of Public Skills Institute under Ministry of Youth and Sports Malaysia, offering skills based programmes to the youths and school leavers.

After completing Matriculation and Foundation studies, students can apply to public universities (IPTA) through UPU. The selection of students to enter university is made only after they have passed the Matriculation Programme. There are 5 programmes offered mainly Electronic Engineering Technology Programme, Computer Engineering Technology Programme, Mechatronic Engineering Technology Programme, Manufacturing Engineering Technology Programme, and Precision Machining Technology Programme.

Generally duration for Matriculation / Foundation studies takes around 1-2 years based on the SPM results. Colleges Starting from the 2003/2004 session, the Matriculation Programme is conducted at matriculation colleges and MARA Colleges only. The Institute also offers short courses and Malaysian Skills Certificate programmes.

IPGM is an education institute that trained teacher's trainees for both primary and secondary schools alongside administered 27 IPG campuses. Community Colleges under Malaysia Education Ministry will become institutions that offers the training and skills needs from all level and provide education opportunities to high school leavers before they enter the employment market or continue their higher education studies.

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