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If fully utilized it will answer so many questions posted by those that are new to this Forum and hobby/mission.

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Could they be adjusted smaller by the administrator?

This would also be nice so at the end of the migration you could see areas that either did not get a report because of no landlord participation, or because of topographical areas such as the mountains of eastern Kentucky.

This should help anxious folks or newbies realize that the migration window is a wide one - arrivals of adult birds can last into June, even in some southern states on occasion. Thanks again for all your work, Dave Reynolds PMCA member and Martin fanatic....2011 A pair of subbies fledged three young but none returned in 2012 2015 One Pair of subbies came and stayed a few nits but got chased away by Bluebirds and Tree swallows.

Subadult arrivals really don't get rolling until March, and also continue into June. 2017 One Pair of subbies nested and fledged 4 young.thanks for your help .been a "reporter" now 2yrs ..that is fun.

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I'm an avid birder so I journal daily 'what's in the yard' and in the past 7-10days have had from 4 - to 32 (2-08-11) in my yard resting in AM ... they were adult males and females, about 8 have stayed all day in gourds out of the cold N wind.- my question ... The scout arrival study collects just the first adult and subadult martins. But I'm sure that would be nearly impossible so forget I mentioned it.

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