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Surgery or laser treatment can cost anywhere from £500 to £4,000 and comes with side effects and recovery time, whereas camel toe underwear is a much cheaper solution for women who feel self conscious about their appearance down below and want to create a smooth and perfect look by wearing the knickers.

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'They feel like normal knickers, they're comfortable and cottony,' she said.

'You don't really notice that's there, although other people will. Georgina also tried the lingerie under tight leggings to see if it would show through, and found the effect was a lot more subtle.

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Super charming Thai girl Gook is attending nursing school, so in the future she might be a very naughty nurse. She was so eager to start modeling that she was calling agencies to get a test shoot the day she turned 18.

And they had the bonus of adding a bottom lift effect, proving that they're a real multi-tasking product.'I don't think people would be as shocked,' she said. They're just large knickers like you would wear tummy tuck pants, like a strong Lycra.'The underwear which is made from a typical cotton lycra brief with a silicone appendage has reportedly been popular in Japan for a decade.

According to the product description: 'Similar to a good bra, these quirky panties promise to “lift and separate”.

But that isn't exclusively limited to cellulite and stretchmarks, as the 26-year-old revealed in her latest photo - where she proudly shows off her camel toe.

The British blonde stunner wrote in the caption for the photo that she had snapped the image because she was loving her make-up and hair for the shoot, without noticing the fit of her pants.

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