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That's one thing man your the only guy I would say kept me laughing on a daily even when u made me upset u wouldn't allow me to be for that long yea they say what's understood don't have to b explain but I don't think they really understand ! Come stand by the back area and walk me back to your moms room because u know I'm scared of them gorillas y'all got let's walk to heman so you can push me and not leave me hanging in the air this time if I piss u off let's have @dredre carpool us around while we sit in the back like we got car service lets play the game you new I couldn't play but let me gets the sticks anyway while you set there and pretended to b mad ...

They just don't stop it's different if you were just "another guy " !!!

I'm shaking typing this because it's been a while since something so close to home has hit me like this I don't even no exactly what to say right now man I love u rio I really do I love you man this shit hurts I couldn't sleep man just hold me down on this shitty place called earth Man!

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I don't think it's fair – it's put me off her." She went on to say that the "average" person wouldn't be able to bounce back like Cheryl did.

Binky Felstead sets record straight on Cheryl post-baby comments But following her TV appearance, Chanelle took to Twitter to clarify her comments.

when it came to u it was deeper than that our relationship was something I never had before I let down a lot of guards for you I let down a lot of standards I had at that time for you and I don't regret it one bit ..

Stiink use To call us Martin and gena hilarious wasn't even the word ! I'm on my way over now so put them dogs up " let's play fight let's watch Martin let's take Elijah back to the zoo let's sit in your basement and talk shit let's stand outside are my car for hours and let me preach to you let me tell u again over and over how this ain't for you !!

The two have been flirting all throughout the series (well, at least since Amelia lost Chad Johnson to Sarah Harding), but they've avoided getting intimate.

Unlike another couple we know…Sam is only fresh out of his long-term relationship with "I don't know if I'm ready to be in a relationship. "Being with you in here, I can't just ignore me."A hurt Amelia rather practically responded: "I think maybe I do like you a bit more than you like me.

"People need to calm down - I make a passing comment about Chezza that she didn't need to hide away until she was back slim because it's setting a negative example for other mums out there who can't just slip back into shape so easily and I'm enemy number 1.

Jeezz chill." She added: "The interview is about my gorgeous new baby not bloody Cheryl!

Nelly's daughter Chanelle, mostly known as Nana, is having difficulty getting over the death of her boyfriend Mario, aka Rio, who was shot and killed in front of her.

Over the past few months, Nana has posted heartbreaking messages on Instagram, dedicated to Mario with his photos.

She has been active since 2007 when she left voluntarily left the Big Brother house in week 9.

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