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Google their number, if they don't have much of a past or none at all, stay away. And I can't choose for her to wear lingerie and heels, or to have a particular body type I like.

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I have never gone down the escourt route seems a little to time consuming but then again I live in the Dallas area and I have friended a lot of the mamasen's.

Once they know you they make sure you have a pleasurable experience stacked up with the best of them.

I have developed several regulars that I know who they are, and there will be no bait and switch.

I also think the spa is more secure than going into someone's private home or motel with the possibility that it could be as set up for robbery, blackmail or even worse.

Sorry brother mongers, I didn’t mean to rant on for that long, but I just wanted you to understand my point of view. I thought cause they said "Las Vegas Blvd"It would be closer. 2 girl that looked "weather beaten" lined up I just left. Not 1 pic on line even resembling the 3s, maybe 4G on a good day that were there and of all nights a Friday, only 2 girls! It is a shame that most of the women both aamps and escorts are fronting fake pics.

I always stay at the luxor and it was like a 20 min cab ride away! They fool a lot of clients by posting "100% real" in their ads and yes, they are 100% real. They also blatantly well advertise "real and recent pics, or 100% me or it's free. If I wasn't married I would have taught a few of them a lesson.I get all riled up and exciting, butterflies in my stomach, and a nervous tingle in my body. To have raised your hopes, dreams, and aspirations raised on a pedestal so high, before hacking away at the legs, to bring you crashing down to reality..doesn’t happen very often at AMPs.I get to her place, or she gets to mine, the door opens, and…”I’m sorry miss, you must have the wrong house! You get inside the parlor, see the girls working, physically point at one, and tell the MMS/PPS that she’s the one you want. Of course, there are a few, rare times when the masseuse in your room isn’t the one you pointed out, but all you have to do is tell that to the owners face, and they’ll hastily accompany your needs, and remedy the situation, rather than lose money. So the question of the day comes down to…Oh forgot to let everyone know I made the mistake of visiting VEGAS SPA last visit.There was no anamosity with the first girl, and I even tipped her not to penalize her for her moral standards. With an Indy girl, the end result is usually pretty much known when you book based upon the price structure, and the great feed back we get here on the board from fellow mongers.I find the challange of going into a spa and seeing how far I can go and at what price level I have to shell out to get the service.Now there’s nothing wrong with are a few reasons why I’d choose an AMP, over an escort:2. I’ve had a few experiences with escorts myself, and there’s a good reason why you’ll find me laying on a massage table, instead of on a mattress with bed-stand, on a dirty, un-vacuumed floor. On the other hand, when looking for an escort, you have to go through quite a complex screening, with questions ranging from your name, to your occupation, some form of ID, references, where you discovered them, etc.

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