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“Our evidence shows that Russia is fuelling the conflict, both through direct interference and by supporting the separatists in the East.

Another similar artillery position can be seen in a field northeast of the first, also within Ukrainian territory.

Imagery from 26 August 2014 shows six relatively advanced self-propelled howitzers (likely 2S19 Msta-S 152-mm) in firing positions facing southwest at Ukrainian army locations.

Matchmaking — services in search of acquaintances,friends,women,love,partners or the partner for marriage.

As a rule, are supported by specially created organization (often commercial).

As a rule, the special questionnaire is for this purpose filled.

Agencies will organize meetings of potential spouses during which they can learn better than each other.In an illustrative incident, residents of Slovyansk told Amnesty International that separatist fighters kidnapped a local pastor, two of his sons and two churchgoers, and requested a US,000 ransom for their release.By the time the local community managed to collect the requested ransom, the witnesses said, the captors had killed all of the men.Thanks to the availability of dating websites became the considerable phenomenon of social life of modern society Electronic databases with questionnaires of those who wants to find the partner,friend,love,woman marriage appeared in the 60th years of XX in, before there were agencies using paper card files.With development of technologies of servicebegan to cover the increasing number of users of modern society Services of video acquaintances,lady video (in which the person was presented not by the questionnaire, and short video) were in the eighties widespread, now videoshops of acquaintances are available and on the Internet.For these groups of Internet dating service gave important opportunity to find the similar partner, before the little available.

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