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They have an ability to speak freely with one another, even about those things others might find difficult, such as sex and money.Neither sign likes to argue, so conversations can be amazingly constructive.This combination involves an air sign and a water sign, each of which is also mutable or changeable energy.

If problem solving is a big part of the marriage contract, these two are way ahead of the game.

Gemini will need to be the pacesetter in this relationship.

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When he asks you out, don’t burden him with your problems.

It’s okay to talk a lot, but not about “downers,” such as an unhappy job or your sick kid.

If Pisces can learn to lighten up a little bit in expectations regarding lovemaking, he can enjoy her willingness to experiment. Pisces is generally quite amused by the Gemini, and she enjoys playing to an appreciative audience.

Geminis have a way of making you feel young again, a real plus for the sometimes world-weary fish. Neither one is trying to “win” an argument or be right in the conversation.

She loves a sense of humor and someone who can take the conversational ball and run with it. You are lucky here because Pisces men are naturally fascinated by Gemini women.

If you can, be up to date and trendy in your selection of topics. All things being equal all you need to do is cross his path and he’ll at least notice you.

You’ll know it’s over when the Pisces man gets depressed and stops talking for days on end or refuses to get out of bed.

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