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Probably woven by Kasthall workshop in Länna patterning . Condition: good,slight partial wear in some corners ,cleaned.

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But, for such a noble and profoundly important profession, ‘How many handweavers do you know here in the west? ‘Few’ would be the answer, if one was to be sought.

This is a simple matter of economics; one that has long pitted disparate interests against one another in the purist distillation of capitalism as an extension of basic (human) behaviour: competition.

The eye-opening yet inspiring music video is entitled ‘Nine Million Stars’ – the number of stars in the sky according to Nepali folklore.

All of that however could have been learned by reading the Label STEP press release on social media, or by staying on top this and other aggregated news by reading

Straub then began working as a consultant designer for the Welsh milling industry, advising 72 mills that were supported by the Rural Industries Bureau between 1934–7 and learning the skills of mass production.

One of her most famous early designs for Warner was Surrey, a textile that featured in the Festival of Britain in 1951 and was used in the Regatta Restaurant.

Good condition; cleaned; fringes added at a later date.

Horizontal Bands Horizontal Bands ,double sided flat-woven rug - possible des by Ingrid Dessau.

So while the video is available later in the article (or not if you so choose to skip ahead now) first a bit of backstory as to why campaigns like this are essential if the weaving industry of Nepal is to not only survive but to once again prosper.

There is a certain penchant on the part of carpet purveyors to romanticize the notion of carpet weaving as a storied, well respected, and almost nobel profession.

Her neighbours included John Aldridge RA, Edward Bawden, Eric Ravilious and Audrey Cruddas and Straub became friends with most of them and an integral part of the community.

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