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Ten Henkas iš paskutiniųjų stengiasi toleruoti susirinkusius mokslo atstovus, o tarp jų ir pasipūtėlį Felicijos vyrą – universiteto dekaną Steisį Kūnsą.

Reikalai gerokai pašlyja, kai Henkas įtikina blaivininką dėstytoją išgerti. Pagal naudotojų vertinimą gali būti suskirstyti pagal šią skalę: 1.1-1.9 - blogiau nėra, gėda žiūrėti.

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This is clear whenever one character passes a cup to another and the sound of the character's hand making contact with the cup is amplified inside the empty cup.

See more » Maybe I missed something, but the promos of this series made it look like one long ad for a freewheeling guy living a hedonistic Hollywood lifestyle.

Duchovney's girl-getting eyes have the same effect on every female opportunity that comes his way in the story as they do on his millions of female fans.

The series calls for a bit of a stretch, asking the audience to believe that his power to attract women never once led to an indiscretion while he was living with his non-wife.

That's SO not what Californication is about, and frankly, it's a stupid title.

There is definitely a high volume of disreputable behavior, and the show is not for kids, but there is a good story here.

Similarly, I empathize with his relationship problems.

The problems he faces are problems that real people face brought to life in a very funny, unique way.

Rašytojas Henkas Mudis nori susitvarkyti gyvenimą – vėl dirbti mėgstamą darbą, susigrąžinti gyvenimo meilę ir dvylikametę dukrą.

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