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But this images is the Gumpert Apollo, Audi TT, Dodge Charger, Mclaren MP4-12C, Mercedes 300 SL and the Dodge Viper SRT-10. On May 26 the game was confirmed to be coming to North America on September 21st, 2010 and Europe on September 24th, 2010.

But dont worry, will be more images of more game looks realy good, i jus cant w8 till it comes out and lets hope it wont be shit, the aston martin one 77 is good they should put more cars like that, lambo lp 640, lambo lp 560, bugatti veyron, audi r8 ect I was a big fan of the original and I have seriously high hopes for this one. Atari have also announced that Test Drive Unlimited 2 will feature dynamic weather effects, day and night cycles, and vehicle damage.

Google, "TDU2 Hacks Part 2: Tuning Level Hack/Trainer Download" It is a video on youtube with the file in a working link. The DLC hack is STILL working (as 2016 is coming of now), at least for the casino part.

J'ai l'trange sentiment qu'ils ont simplement repris l'ile d'Hawai du premier pisode et qu'il vont soi-disant la remodlis pour en faire Ibiza, n'importe quoi, a aurait t prfrable de chang de lieu, revenir sur le continent, pour que a change vraiment, et j'espre la prsence de SUV !

After the Test Drive Unlimited (2006), Test Drive is back. The Unlimited 1 was in Oahu, but this time in Ibiza.

Has cars like the Mclaren MP4-12C, Mercedes 300 SL, Pagani Zonda F and others.

I really hope the evnviroment varies abit more than Hawaii did. They have also mentioned that the game will take place on Ibiza.

After enough gameplay, players will be able to return to an expanded and updated Oahu from the previous game.

Exploring the island lets the player find vehicle wrecks which will unlock exclusive vehicles at the dealerships on the island, which automatically confirms the return of manufacturer showrooms like in the previous game.

The player can also walk out of the car in certain areas. Customizations included hair, clothes, physical appearance and their attitude, and they can also buy houses. Vehicles feature cosmetic damage which does not affect the behaviour and technical aspects of the vehicles.

BMW is a mistery (i dont know who holds the license, but its funny that TDU have Ferrari but not BMW) I once posted this, but again, the current situation is the following: TDU have Ferrari, but not BMW and Porsche. NFS have BMW and Porsche, but not Ferrari (except Shift) Forza have all. Yes, in TDU it is like buying a real car from the car retailer, you can choose options, like the colour, possibly the wheels and material and colour of the interior. NFS holds the license for Porsche (hence why all games have RUF instead) Forza managed to get them, because Microsoft have the rights for Ferrari, and they made an agreement.

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