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They also won back the parliamentary seat in the 2015 election with Maria Caulfield defeating the incumbent Liberal Democrat of 18 years, Norman Baker by 1,083 votes.

In organisational terms, Lewes became one of the non-county boroughs within the then Sussex, East county under the Local Government Act 1933.

He built Lewes Castle on the Saxon site; and he and his wife, Gundred also founded the Priory of St Pancras, a Cluniac monastic house, in about 1081.

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Lewes is also where the East Sussex County Council has its main offices, located at County Hall in St Anne’s Crescent.

Lewes District Council is administered from offices in Southover House on Southover Road.

In 1974, Lewes District Council was formed on 1 April 1974 by the Local Government Act 1972, and was a merger of the former borough of Lewes along with Newhaven and Seaford urban districts and Chailey Rural District.

Lewes Town Council is one of the 300 largest of the roughly 9,800 parish councils in England and Wales, with expenditure budgeted at just over £1 million.

Lewes Town Council is based in the Town Hall on Lewes High Street.

For many years, Lewes was dominated by the Conservatives, both at local and national levels.In the 2015 elections for Lewes Town Council, the Green Party became the largest party with 9 seats, and the Liberal Democrat numbers fell from 11 to 6. The town Mayor for 2015/16 is Councillor Susan Murray and the Deputy Mayor is Imogen Makepeace, both from the Green Party.The representation from Lewes wards at local government levels, as at the latest elections (2015 for the Town and District Councils and 2017 for the County Council), is as follows.(Professor David Carpenter gave a lecture about the Battle of Lewes at Lewes Town Hall in the summer of 2010; it can be heard at the following website.) At the time of the Marian Persecutions of 1555–1557, Lewes was the site of the execution of seventeen Protestant martyrs, who were burned at the stake in front of the Star Inn. A memorial to the martyrs was unveiled on Cliffe Hill in 1901.It is approximately seven miles north of Newhaven, and an equal distance north-east of Brighton.

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