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He is referred by the name "Villager I" in Dragon Ball: Origins. After Johnny shot Oolong with a slingshot, she came out and grabbed him moving him to safety.She is referred by the name "Villager H" in Dragon Ball: Origins.He bears a slight resemblance to the famous Sioux Indian chief Sitting Bull.

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Chad is a man that appears on a romance Television show that Bulma watches during The Emperor's Quest.

He is about to kiss his unnamed lover in the show which Bulma is enjoying until Goku changes the TV to a Godzilla show that scares Bulma.

She makes a video game appearance in Dragon Ball: Origins, where she is seen in the same role.

She also appears in the bonus level 2-6, where she runs away from Aru Village in hopes of living in the city for an easy life but gets lost in the forest instead.

Johnny's mom grabs him and runs away saying "Johnny, do you wanna get yourself killed?

" Johnny may have been an inspiration for Penny in Dragon Ball: Curse of the Blood Rubies, as they both use a slingshot which they attack Oolong with.

She is referred by the name "Villager D" in this video game.

Alexi's Father (Hedge's Father) is a farmer of Aru Village and the father of Alexi.

Johnny is a young boy who is a resident of Aru Village.

In the battle between Goku and Oolong, while Oolong is the form of a robot, Johnny shoots a slingshot at the back of Oolong's head, which makes him become angry.

When he is reunited with Alexi after Oolong's defeat he is surprised to see that she was living in luxury the whole time.

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