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"Goddess of the Dark Tower" is based on Tenshu Monogatari, a play by Kyōka Izumi.

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Act one A wandering medicine peddler arrives at the house of the Sakai Clan on a wedding day, however as he crosses the threshold to the clan household he senses something is not right. To save themselves from disgrace and the poor-house, the family sold their only daughter's marriage to the Shiono Clan to clear their debts.

The peddler is not welcome, but Kayo the maidservant allows him in the kitchen.

Act two To save their lives, the peddler must know the truth and reasoning behind the demonic attacks. While they stew in their fear, the peddler makes a protective ring of salt and magical scales.

When the peddler returns, Kayo the maidservant confesses that she threw water on any cat that entered the kitchen.

As the bride crosses the threshold to meet her wedding escort, she dies mysteriously.

The peddler being an outsider brings him under suspicion, and so he is seized and bound in ropes.Accompanied by two friendly demons, Zushonosuke makes his way to Shirasagi-jo, which is rumored to be inhabited by beings called Wasuregami (Forgotten Gods).At the castle, Zushonosuke is surprised to find the same beautiful woman he encountered before, who introduces herself as Tomihime (Princess Tomi), beginning their forbidden romance.Sasaoka explains he had to give the cats to Lord Yoshikuni, the elder son.Yoshikuni explains he cut up the cats, to test the sharpness of his swords—a trivial matter.Iemon then orders his servant to kill her after having his way with her.

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