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Asking for advance notice may seem strange but it makes sense for all parties involved as the club operates in the margins.

In December it closed for a few days apparently after receiving a warning through the grapevine that it might receive a visit from some unwanted guests.

While I have had some information on mainland China for years I have not reported on it here.

One reason was that things can change from one day to the next and I am not well informed on the happenings there.

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A small blue sign on the exterior wall marks the building which contains a bank on the side of Xiaomuqiao Road and a main entrance on the Zhaojiabing Road side.

The management at Red House seems to prefer that foreigners send a message before coming to schedule a loose appointment time though they do accept people who just show up as well.

I don’t know know if the powers that be would be more likely to come down on a place reported on in the English language but it seems like a real possibility.

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