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(Frederic's then-wife was Shania's then-best friend.) Heartbroken, Shania and Frederic leaned on each other.Even though Shania initially said she never wanted to love again, there was no denying their new, meaningful connection.

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(Garth was married to Sandy Mahl from 1986 to 2001, and Trisha was married to film score composer Robert Reynolds from 1994 to 1999.) Now, they're both more in love than ever, with Trisha admitting to While their marriage is fairly new compared to the other power couples on this list, their love is one of the most inspiring, symbolizing hope in the midst of heartache.

Shania and Frederic connected after their former spouses had an affair with each other.

The pair met backstage at the Grand Ole Opry in 1956, where June was a backup singer for Elvis Presley.

Johnny was married at the time, but was instantly smitten with June.

While he did music on the side, he didn't pursue it fully until the oil industry took a hit.

In an interview with a , the country star revealed that many people told her to convince him to get a "real job." "Dozens of people told Tricia, 'You need to go tell your old man to get a real job,'" Toby shared.

They ultimately fell in love and married in Puerto Rico in 2011.

Based on their love story alone, Chris and Morgane—married since 2007—make up one of the sweetest couples in country music.

They recently celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary with a vow renewal celebration in Nashville.

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