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Microsoft Works Suite 2006 is a combination of six great software applications in one affordable package.

The six software bundled are Microsoft Word 2002, Works 8, Money 2006 Standard Edition, Digital Image Standard 2006, Encarta Encyclopedia Standard 2006 and Streets & Trips Essentials 2006.

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Some applications have started to become popular, raising the concern of Network Operators that fear the large amount of traffic they might generate.

Unfortunately, most of P2P-TV applications are based on proprietary and unknown protocols, and this makes the detection of such traffic challenging per se.

Michela Meo graduated from the Politecnico di Torino with a summa cum laude degree in Electronic Engineering in July 1993. In November 1999, she became an Assistant Professor at Politecnico di Torino; and since November 2006, she is Associate Professor.

She coauthored more than 120 papers, in international journals or conferences. degrees from Politecnico di Torino in 20, respectively, and held during 2003–2004 a visiting researcher position in the Computer Science division at University of California, Berkeley.

TVants is a P2P stream TV which depends on TVants users for distribution of media and also bandwidth allocation for of media streaming.

The unique feature of TVants is TVants allows users to easily broadcast their own channels through TVants.The channels can be TV channels broadcast or streaming media contents found on the web.Computerworld has published a detailed step-by-step installation guide on intructions to install Microsoft Windows XP on an Apple Mac computer.These software basically blends word processing, maps, photos and other tools.Log Me In provides remote access service and desktop control software to allow users to connect and remote control from a local PC to a remote PC securely and easily via Internet, even though the PCs are located behind firewall.News Factor reviewed Spyware Doctor 3.5 for Windows from PCTools which features an innovative Kernel Delete feature that gives the antispyware detection module new ways to remove rootkits and other complex malware.

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