Adult cams from amsterdam - Validating a checkbox using javascript

If the 3px red border does not show up, then it’s time to jump to the next step.

Do not use multiple javascript libraries simultaneously!

validating a checkbox using javascript-12

The form you’ll create contains a number of inputs: text fields, radio buttons, a multiple-option select list, a checkbox, and a submit button.

These inputs will be validated to ensure, for example, that the user has entered their name. This is because collectively the radio buttons should be treated as a group (the user should select either 0, or 1, or 2, etc.). Its value is presented as its label, and clicking on it will trigger the form submission.

People tend to become upset and/or frustrated (Including me) when something simple doesn’t work, such as j Query not working.

Before you do anything, navigate to your j Query file and check that it is exactly where it should be.

It doesn’t matter what library you use, use which ever you prefer more but stick with it throughout your project.

There are thousands of j Query plugins, I would say that 99% of the time there is no need for multiple libraries anyway.

If this works, which it really should, the library is loading correctly.

You then know that there is something wrong with the plugin(s) and that it is time for more troubleshooting.

To determine whether the form has been submitted by the user, either check the request method (an example follows in the next section) or check for the presence of a specific form control (usually the submit button).

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