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The staff is more mature – “You couldn’t get Cheetah’s girls here,” says Sam – and hired and paid for their conversational skills.

Additional compensation comes from “the men giving them money for their companionship,” said Rob. The DJ-spun music leans to rock ‘n’ roll and is designed for older ears.

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Directly across Chatham Street from the Million Dollar, which had long boasted in large exterior signage of its stable of “beautiful girls and one ugly one,” the Katzmans were getting ready to start a new strip club using the adult entertainment licence inherited from the former Jason’s at that location.“We keyed in on what Eddie was saying.

We thought, he’s gonna be pissed off at what we were doing,” said Rob.

Sam acknowledges the DJ’s spinning of an AC/DC rock classic by telling a visiting reporter there’s music here for older people. Describing himself as “a young entrepreneur in Windsor,” Sam acknowledges there’s a “stigma attached” to the adult entertainment industry.

Sam said the deal with his mother, former city social services commissioner Ronna Warsh, was that he could join his dad’s adult entertainment empire in return for going back to school in the fall to earn his MBA, a pledge he plans on keeping.“My mom is always happy if I’m learning and successful, she knows it’s a business,” said Sam. Rob, whose father Al operated Paramount Fruit Market on Ouellette Avenue, is sensitive to the public perception of his adult-rated business, but points to its beneficial impact on the local economy, including the $110,000 in city property taxes Katzman Enterprises pays Windsor each year.

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As urban back alleys go, it’s probably Windsor’s cleanest, safest and most well-lit.

But it still means you must step out of the relative street hustle-bustle of a typical Friday night in the downtown to access the hidden front door of the city’s newest strip club.

Windsor has come a long way in a relatively short period from the gaudy flashing neon and garish signage that once positively screamed at visitors to step into the fleshpot dens of an adult playground described by partying outsiders as Sin City and Tijuana North.

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