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/ My Girlfriend Confessed She Had Sex With Her Roommate / She Slept With My Best Friend (1) (2) (3) (4) What am about to illustrate here happened to me live!I have this colleague of mine that am dating, though we are not in the same branch.

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shades: What am about to illustrate here happened to me live!

Since the news go spread around the office it was only a matter of time before u foundout anyway so she had no choice to confess to you first. Maybe you should get her to change job so she won't be around the senior colleague.

she must have allowed herself somewhere in her heart to appreciate or breifly love the dude dearly in order to justify her guy I feel you. but b4 u make ur choice, get somethings did she sleep with him?

she must explain to u in detail why she allowed herself to be goad.

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(9531 Views) She Slept With My Best Buddy And Expects Me To End Friendship With Him.She told me that she couldn't keep it to herself any longer and that it all happened when i was away for about 6 weeks on official training. am just confused because i have deep feelings for her and i've always known her to be a good girl.please i need advise because i cant stand the fact that the gist will eventually fly around the office that the other guy, who is a known play boy has slept with my woman!!Its easy for a woman to forgive a cheating male lover because they know that men dont always give their emotions b4 they sleep with female.Most times men see sex as a means of it is very difficult for a man to take it because before a woman allows a man to sleep with her some part of her emotions must have come into it.It is natural for the female posters to ask u to forgive her, with words like, "to err is human and to forgive is divine". frankly, i dont ask her for it more than three times a week, but she feels am demanding too much.

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